Do you own a brick-and-mortar business in Florida and need a fast and effective solution to all those leaks and roof problems?

Then consider TPO roofing, a technique we use to serve commercial clients, involving the use of reliable Thermoplastic Polyolefin, rolled and secured directly to the roof. This is an attractive option if your business location suffers with moisture issues, as most local properties do.

What is TPO roofing, how does it fare against other roofing options, and what can you expect when you hire the Simpson team to install it?

What is TPO Roofing?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a type of polypropylene, a substance we use for roofing because of its durability. Also, the slippery texture is better for repelling rainwater. This is instrumental if, for example, your business has a flat roof with less opportunity for efficient drainage. TPO also comes in handy on slightly slanted roofs if your gutters are clogged and aren’t keeping up with the Florida rains as well.

How do we install this?

We would start by prepping the roof, which might involve removing the previous materials. Sometimes, however, you can do some cleaning and roll the TPO right over it. Either way, with a roller, we apply it to the roof’s cover board with the aid of adhesive additives. Finally, we finished the task by sealing it tightly to the roof with a hot air gun.

TPO Roofing Versus Alternative Means

How long does TPO Roofing hold up against other commercial roofing materials?

While there are more sophisticated and aesthetic ways to install a roof, this method gives you some bang-for-your-buck in terms of durability and overall effectiveness. If you desire something more ornate or elaborate, we can show you alternatives, like Stone-Coated Roofing.

However, if pricing is the biggest factor, then TPO might be a priority option. Those are usually the most recognized advantages for business and homeowner clients alike: lower costs and weather durability.

Reliable TPO Roofing for Businesses in Sarasota

Like any other roof installation, re-roofing, or roof repair, the TPO process works much better when you hire an experienced professional. That’s why we’re here to do this task the right way the first time. Plus, since we offer over several roofing methods, you know we won’t try to corner you into one approach when something else would better suit your needs.

You can always explore every roofing option, commercial or residential, by speaking with a representative from Simpson Construction & Roofing. We serve clients with almost any roofing complexity in communities like Sarasota, Lake Placid, Avon Park, Highlands Park, Bradenton, and other parts of western Florida.

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