Torch Down Roofing

Do you own a Florida business that’s extra vulnerable to water damage?

This is a common issue with flat roofs, but there’s plenty of ways around this challenge if you hire a roofing contractor skilled in applying the materials properly. One of the more effective ways to install flat roofs is through Torch Down Roofing. It involves heating the materials with a torch before rolling them onto the roof.

Check out this description and all the advantages to Torch Down Roofing (AKA Modified Bitumen).

What is Torch Down Roofing?

This approach involves combining the strength of a non-woven polyester with a thick asphalt layer, applied with high heat onto the roof. It comes in rolls, which the roofing technician unrolls onto the flat roof with a roller and torch. They come in either granulated or smooth sheets and are more common for commercial businesses.

How cost-effective is this task?

While exact cost estimates depend on square footage of roofing (among other factors), it’s generally cheaper than traditional hot tar roofing over time. The upfront price may be higher, but it offers a better ROI because of its durability and less need for repeat maintenance.

Advantages to Torch Down Roofing

  • Terrific Solution for Condensation Issues - Buildings that suffer lots of humidity may incur more roof leaks and condensation as muggy heat rises to the heights of your property. Torch Down roofs have a darker color, offering a significant advantage against rot compared to lighter colors. They reheat with the sunlight, which dries the condensation, thereby reducing rot and fungal growth.
  • Durability - Despite the reheating properties, this roofing material is remarkably UV-resistant. It also holds its own against other damage potential (rainfall), making this a viable roofing choice for about 20 years of dependable protection.
  • Flexibility - The asphalt component contains rubbery additives in its core, rendering the material more flexible, just like shingle. This provides the advantage of contraction and expansion when it gets hot or old. That’s important to ensure your roof is adaptable to seasonal changes (especially Florida’s hot summers).

Torch Down Roofing with Simpson Construction & Roofing

Obviously, this is just an introduction to the Torch Down Roofing method, but we’d like to show you more if you need roof maintenance or replacement for your Florida business.

Simpson Construction & Roofing is the area’s top contractor for roofing, siding, window replacement, and other crucial exterior services. If you’d like to explore this or other roofing procedures, then call us anytime to learn more at 863-658-4869.

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