Tile Roofing in Central Florida

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is a terrific way to add lots of value and curb appeal to your residential home in the Highlands County surrounding areas. Before you decide to purchase a new tile roof, we’d like to explain why it’s a lucrative home investment. As always, if you have questions about what you see here, we're more than happy to elaborate when we visit you for a free quote. 

What is Tile Roofing?

Tile roofing allows you to put together an outstanding roof with a plethora of great materials. Our installation crews can tile your roof with beautiful and durable items such as concrete, clay, slate, and even solar panels. 

Especially in a gorgeous, seaside community like ours, it’s fashionable to use clay and other materials to produce Mediterranean, Pueblo, or Chinese-inspired roofs. It’s not a cheap service, but if you want to capture a more magnificent architectural style for your home, this is a fine way to go. 

Why is Tile Roofing a Great Idea for Your Lake Placid Home? 

Excellent Energy Efficiency 

Tile materials are heavy, which makes them somewhat difficult to install. However, the trade-off is that they’re the best way to insulate your home and prevent your HVAC from working overtime. 

Terrific Aesthetic Opportunities 

There’s a lot of color and design potential with clay, slate, and concrete. Not only will tiles withstand insect damage, water intrusion, algae, and mold, but they’re a beautiful novelty in most neighborhoods. We talk to home renovators who purchase and rehab homes, and they always appreciate the value of a classy tiled roof. It makes selling for a top price much easier. 

Fire-Proof Materials 

Every homeowner wants to protect their family from home fires, which can occur anytime, despite our best safeguards. You can minimize the chances of total destruction with a flame-resistant roof. Clay, in particular, earns a class-A fire rating, making it almost impervious. 

Durability & Weather Resistance 

Let’s face it. We know we can’t take chances with a mere “decent” roof in Florida, where we’re bound to experience hurricane trouble. Tile materials help you handle winds over 150 mph. Plus, many manufacturers offer solid warranty options, sometimes exceeding half a century.  

If this sounds like a worthwhile upgrade to your current roof, then consider the reliable workmanship of Simpson Construction & Roofing. We’re the area’s best construction contractor for residential roofing. 

Our services include tile roofing, shingle systems, and more. Contact us to learn about roof installation or anything else we do at 863-658-4869. 

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