Storm Damage Repairs in Central Florida

Storm Damage Repairs

Does your residential home or commercial property require minor or extensive repairs following a thunderstorm or hurricane?

We run into this problem all the time as Florida citizens. There’s no such thing as a damage-proof home, which is why it helps to know a competent repair company that can help you with restoration. Simpson Construction & Roofing can assist with everything from minor cosmetic damage all the way to emergency roof replacement following a natural disaster.

Prompt Repair Service in Sarasota & Surrounding Areas

We’re happy to help you deal with the most frustrating scenarios after a nasty storm or hurricane. We do this with all the following customer service commitments:

  • Free estimates on roof repairs, siding repairs, and more!
  • 24/7 fast-response emergency services.
  • We can work with any home insurance company.
  • Since disasters happen to homes and businesses alike, we also offer our assistance to commercial properties.
  • Simpson Construction & Roofing has helped dozens of satisfied clients and can show you several examples of our top-quality workmanship.

What Can We Repair for You?

Which exterior components can we repair for you?

  • Roofing - This is our bread and butter service, and one you cannot neglect for long in an area that regularly faces 50+ mph winds. We can redo your roof in no time whether you need an entirely new one or just a few shingle replacements.
  • Siding - It’s common for heavy storms to loosen or rip off siding boards from residential homes. If this happens, call us ASAP for assistance.
  • Windows - Thankfully, windows are much stronger than in the old days. Whenever one breaks, however, we have your back.
  • Gutters/Soffits - Besides the shingles or primary roof components, you never want to forget the support pieces like gutters and soffits. These make all the difference in directing rain and runoff water in the right direction rather than accumulating in unwanted areas (like along your foundation).

Simpson Construction & Roofing: A Construction Contractor with an A+ Reputation

We not only have a terrific reputation for outstanding exterior work in Avon Park but also with clients in over 50 cities and towns where we’ve completed various projects. Our 100% customer service commitment has been a mainstay throughout the 20+ years we’ve been in business.


So, if you need to fix your roof, siding, windows, gutters, or soffits, then don’t mess around with handymen or amateurs, and give us a call. Simpson Construction & Roofing has you covered for any exterior renovation task. Call us to learn more about our prompt and reliable services 863-658-4869.


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