Stone Coated Roofing

Many businesses around the coast of Florida have upgraded to premium stone-coated roofs for several reasons. It offers a beautiful aesthetic, protects it for decades, and gives you plenty of peace of mind even amid the threat of hurricanes.

Simpson Construction & Roofing can help you enjoy these fantastic benefits by installing a stone-coated roof onto your business in or around Sarasota.

What is Stone-Coated Steel?

Stone-coated steel takes advantage of both the durability of a steel/metal roof AND the beauty of stone tiles. It involves attaching stone tiles to steel sheet metal, giving you the strength of two-roofs in one. This means that if you don’t care for the aesthetics or noise you get from traditional metal or aluminum roofs, the ornate stone outer layer prevents that problem.

What are Its Advantages for Roofing?

  • It has the durability of a metal roof, which has a typical lifespan that’s two or three times as long as conventional roofing materials like asphalt or tiles.
  • Stone-coated steel can make your Florida business safer thanks to its superior fire resistance. Steel offers a Class-A fire rating when you install it with appropriate underlayment materials.
  • The stone style can be crafted to match any style. Whether you have James Hardie Siding, vinyl siding, or any type of windows and doors, stone-coated steel goes great with everything.
  • The materials are reflects heavy UV-rays, which is almost mandatory for keeping your office cool (and energy efficient) during the blistering summers.
  • Metal roofs also boost the value of your building and may even reduce your insurance rates because of their dependability against storms. Even if it hails, you shouldn’t have trouble since the stone outer layer carries a Class 4 UL impact rating.

Stone-Coated Roofing with Simpson Construction & Roofing

This only scratches the surface of why stone-coated roofing has become so popular. If you aren’t familiar with it, you should browse photos of buildings with these roofs. Then you’ll see why many business owners consider it among the most beautiful roofing materials.

So, if your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, then call us for a quick inspection and cost estimate for stone-coated installation with Simpson Construction & Roofing. We specialize in almost every aspect of roofing as capable installers of stone-coated steel, asphalt shingles, metal, flat roofs, and more. You can learn more about our service by calling us anytime at 863-658-4869.

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