Sarasota County Services

Simpson Construction & Roofing offers thorough and efficient exterior services to the good folks of Sarasota County. There are so many delightful houses in our beautiful community next to the Gulf, and all of them need proper maintenance for important components such as roofs, siding, and windows. 

Here’s a preview of what we can do to enhance your home in Sarasota County. 


We can do roofing work for any building in Sarasota: commercial or residential. Modern technology allows us to replace your roof with exquisite and reliable materials such as tile, asphalt shingles, metal, and more. We only use materials from the best manufacturers like GAF and CertainTeed, all of which carry outstanding warranties.


New siding allows you to envelope your home with a protective barrier that helps you gain better energy efficiency, defend against pests, and boost curb appeal. Simpson Construction & Roofing specializes in traditional vinyl siding and fiber-cement siding. The former is more affordable but still does a great job insulating your home, whereas the latter is incredibly durable, fire resistant, and looks amazing.

Roofing in Sarasota, FL
Soffits Sarasota

Window Replacement

Windows are another area that can exacerbate your energy bill if you let them go into disrepair. Once they become hard to open or close, or if you notice a draft entering your home, then it may be time to replace your windows. This is also a terrific way to adorn your home. We install everything from sliding and double-hung windows, to casement and bay/bow windows. Many of the nicest homes in Sarasota have luxurious bay windows, which are the ones that extend outward from your home. They give you a nice place to read or relax in the window bay, while allowing more sunlight to enter your home.

Gutters & Soffits

Gutters and soffits are critical support components that protect your roof and siding from water damage. This is especially critical if you have an older historic house where you don’t want to sacrifice the luster of such a treasured home. It’s an important way to protect your home with carefully constructed gutters that eliminate water pooling, insects and pests, soil erosion, and other problems.

Call Simpson Construction & Roofing for Reliable Home Repair 

If you’re a home or business owner in Sarasota County, and you think you need help with any of these items, please contact Simpson Construction & Roofing. We serve all the communities in and around Sarasota, which includes Bradenton, Avon Park, and Highlands Park.  

We’ve been in this business for 20 years and have full licensing, bonding, and insurance to perform construction work in compliance with Florida codes and regulations. You can learn more about us by calling 941-724-0465.. 

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