Reroofing in Central Florida

What does it mean to “reroof” an existing roof?

This is the process of installing new materials to your roof without fully replacing it. It’s most common with asphalt roofs, where an installation crew would put new shingles over the old ones. We would contrast this with a full roof replacement, which involves taking out most or all of the components, to assemble something new altogether.

As you may have guessed, the choice to pursue either a reroofing versus a total roof replacement depends on structural conditions, budget constraints, and homeowner preference. When a representative from Simpson Construction meets with you to discuss options, those are the first things we investigate with you. Here’s a little more on what reroofing entails, including its pros and cons compared to other methods.

Basics of Reroofing with The Simpson Team

A reroofing project involves overlaying new shingles onto your current shingled roof. You can typically do this only one time because building codes often prohibit adding a third layer of shingles. Many homeowners elect to do this as a cost-effective and timesaving approach when their roofs need maintenance but not an entire overhaul.

Pros for Reroofing

  • Cheapest Approach - Since it takes fewer materials and fewer billable labor hours, the reroofing strategy costs much less than a total roof replacement.
  • A Fine-Tuning Approach - For full replacement tasks, we normally have to remove other support components, like the roof deck. If, however, your home doesn’t require that, then reroofing may be a more practical, far less intrusive method.
  • Fast Resolution to Leaks & Minor Damages - Let’s say you have a roof that’s a little over halfway through its lifespan, and you notice a few leaks. This is a quicker way to address those significant problems while they’re still more manageable. Plus, you won’t feel like you have to replace a roof with several good years left.

Cons for Reroofing

  • Shorter Lifespan - Although this may be an effective option, sometimes, you may still need a full replacement.
  • Not for Metal Roofs - This is obviously not an approach that will help you with solid sheet metal roofs.

Need Help Deciding How to Fix Your Roof? Call us!

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for residential roofing nowadays. If you’re unsure of what to do to address leaks, missing/loose shingles, damaged flashing, or other issues, then we can help. You can also coordinate roof maintenance with other crucial home exterior tasks such as siding, gutters, windows, and storm damage repair.

Simpson Construction & Roofing specializes in almost every facet of modern roofing. You can depend on us for upgrades involving shingles, metal, tiles, and more for homes around the Sarasota community. Contact us today to learn more by calling 863-658-4869.