Metal Roofing in Central Florida

Florida Metal Roofing

Simpson Construction & Roofing offers the most reliable metal roofing installation service to residents in Tampa, Sarasota, Miami, Daytona, and Orlando. If you want to upgrade to one of the most durable roofing materials, then consider a metal roof for your Florida home or business.

Why Install a Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are not a “bargain buy” or cheap material, but if you’re after maximum durability, then this is an outstanding investment. This is the material of choice for anybody who wants to resolve the roof question (either residential or commercial) for decades. These are the primary advantages to installing a metal roof. 


  • They last a long time (at least 40 years, usually longer). 
  • Metal roofs are fire-resistant. 
  • They can handle all the Florida humidity, hurricane-strength winds, and almost any other force of nature. 
  • They’re easy to install (provided you hire a professional crew). 
  • Metal roofs will enhance your property’s energy efficiency. 

Metal Vs. Shingles

How do metal roofs fare against asphalt shingles?

We install both styles (and more), so we can vouch for their advantages in terms of energy efficiency, weather protection, and so forth. There are a few areas where you may prefer one over the other, though. While shingled roofs have become more popular lately, metal is catching on as well.

Unlike the old days, there are now many distinct color and style options for metal roofs. Also, while the repair work is easier for broken shingles, you won’t have to worry about it for a while with metal. You can count on a sturdy metal roof to withstand severe thunderstorms and bacterial/fungal growth (i.e., algae and mold).

Several Metal Roof Styles

What are some of the popular metal roof styles for Florida homeowners?


If you’ve seen the v-shaped metal ribs on roofs, then you were probably looking at the 5V-crimp style. This is a simple and reliable approach to metal roofing, although you may prefer the other styles (like Standing Seam), which don’t expose the fasteners and other components.

Metal Tile 

Tiled metal materials are classy, albeit a little fragile in contrast with other options. This is still a highly durable material and adds lots of curb appeal, but may require maintenance sooner.

Standing Seam

The sturdy seams come from an interlocking of metal panels, providing the best protection and durability. Since there’s an overlap of the panels, it lets the installer hide fasteners and produce a high-quality, aesthetically appealing finish. 

Simpson Construction & Roofing: Outstanding Roof Installation Services 

Whether you choose to install a metal, shingled, or tiled roof, our crews can handle it all. We honor every service warranty, our guys arrive on time and deliver outstanding workmanship. You should expect nothing less with a major investment like residential roof replacement. 

So, if you’re ready to upgrade your roof and live somewhere like Tampa, Sarasota, or Orlando, then consider the trustworthy services of Simpson Construction & Roofing. Contact us to learn more about metal roofing or any other services by calling 863-658-4869. 

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