Manatee County Services

We provide the best roofing and exterior repair solutions to residents of Manatee County, Florida. If you enjoy living in a beautiful home in this wonderful area, then you’ll want to safeguard it against all the turbulent weather we experience. 

Hurricanes and storms are a reality for us, which is why you should ensure your roof, siding, and windows are in top condition. Also, our services provide a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal, therefore matching the splendor of our gorgeous community in west Florida. 


We offer the best roofing service in Bradenton, which is available to both commercial and residential customers. We can replace your roof with all kinds of reliable materials ranging from tiles and shingles, to metal and stone. Again, this is an important home repair service if you’ve had shingles knocked off your roof from thunderstorms or had extensive damage from UV rays, mold, algae, and so forth. 


Once you have a good roof, you should focus on the next largest task, maintaining your siding. We can replace siding with multiple material choices such as vinyl or fiber cement. Even the best siding needs repair and maintenance after several years. However, when you utilize our services, you can protect your home with the best materials backed by excellent manufacturer and service warranties. 

Roofing Services Manatee County
Window Replacement in Bradenton

Window Replacement

Window replacement is another great beautification project, and it lets you address energy inefficiency in your home. Are you noticing a draft of warm air entering through cracks in your windows? Then it’s probably time to get some new ones. Fortunately, there are many styles, colors, and designs available nowadays. Simpson Construction & Roofing can install beautiful varieties such as casement, single/double hung, awning, and bay/bow windows. If you want a premium upgrade to your home, we recommend bay windows, which will add space and bring in more sunlight to your home in Bradenton. 

Gutters & Soffits

You never want to ignore the little things when it comes to protecting your roof, siding, windows, and the rest of your home exterior. That’s why gutters and soffits are so important. When they get misaligned, clogged, or in disrepair, your home is at a greater risk for water erosion, leaks, pests, and other headaches. 

Simpson Construction & Roofing Can Help Restore Your Manatee County Home Today! 

So, if you own a home or business in Manatee County, consider some of these effective exterior services.

Simpson Construction & Roofing serves many wonderful communities, including Bradenton, Sarasota, Avon Park, and Highlands Park. 

 There’s no reason to take chances with less reputable construction contractors. It’s way better to hire a professional who will show up on time, honor all warranties, pay attention to details, and take pride in great workmanship.  

You can learn more about our outstanding customer service by calling 863-658-4869

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