Does Your Siding Need to Be Replaced?

The siding of your home is incredibly important. Not only does siding improve the appearance of your home, but it also protects your home from the elements and provides insulation that can help you reduce your energy bills. Problems with your siding can be unsightly, damaging, and costly. Learn if your siding needs to be replaced by reading on.

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One of the most obvious ways to tell if your siding needs to be replaced is if the siding is visibly rotting. If your siding is crumbling, peeling, and discolored, it is likely rotting. Unfortunately, rotting can spread quickly. If you notice rot, replace your siding as soon as possible.

Another way to tell if your siding needs to be replaced is if it is faded in color. As siding is exposed to elements, it experiences wear and tear. Part of this wear and tear is fading of color. If your siding looks faded, it may be aging and needs to be replaced. When replacing your siding, you can pick a vibrant color that can improve the curb appeal of your home. 

If you live in a windy climate, you may notice your siding cracking or coming loose. Wind can take a toll on your home, especially if your siding is not up to par. If your siding is cracked or loose, it cannot properly protect your home from the elements. Additionally, the cracked and loose planks can make your home more vulnerable to pests and moisture. Replace your siding if you notice it coming loose from your home to avoid further problems.

If your energy consumption is the same, but your bill is increasing, your siding may be the culprit. Siding is designed to offer insulation for your home. However, if your siding is in need of replacement, it cannot provide the necessary protection to keep your home insulated. Whether your siding has cracks, holes, or other types of damage, have it replaced to save money on your energy bill.

Even though your home’s siding is on the exterior, problems with siding can show themselves inside your home. If you have water stains, peeling paint, or peeling wallpaper inside of your home, your siding may be worn out. Peeling and water stains are signs of excess moisture that collects when the siding isn’t doing its job. Solve this problem and avoid mold and rot by replacing your siding.

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