Brighten Your Home with New Windows

Now is the time to brighten your home with new windows! Learn more by reading more from Simpson Construction and Roofing.

Enhance your home’s beauty

Attractive replacement windows not only amp up the style and classiness of your rooms when viewing them from the inside, but they also give the outside of your home unbelievable curb appeal that is sure to be noticed by visitors, neighbors, and passersby. 

Elevate your mood

Natural lighting from the sun is terrific for charging our internal batteries and keeping us energized.  It increases the serotonin levels in our brains and puts us in more favorable moods. Replacement windows enable plenty of the sun’s glorious light to enter our homes and actually help us feel happier.

Boost vitamin D intake

Vitamin D is crucial for everyone’s health as it serves to support the immune system, maintains strong nerves and muscles, functions together with calcium to build bones, and even combats fatigue. Although we take in this necessary vitamin by other means, sunlight is the ideal manner of absorbing vitamin D.

Heighten productivity

Studies indicate time and time again that sunlight trumps artificial lighting in terms of optimum productivity. People tend to be more efficient and have greater success in accomplishing tasks when performed in natural light.

A good night’s sleep

Proper sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. Daily sunlight exposure assists us with falling into an adequate sleep rhythm. It regulates our cycles by signaling the body when it is time to be awake as well as when it is time to go to sleep. Undoubtedly, new replacement windows that allow maximum natural light into our homes may indeed afford us better sleep.

Home value

New windows increase the value of your home. Just like open floor plans, natural lighting is extremely appealing to potential buyers since these characteristics make a house feel more welcoming. Contemporary replacement windows have more sizable panes of glass, streamlined frames, and many styles are available without the light-blocking grilles of yesteryear. 

Energy savings

At least 15% of the average household’s electricity comes from the use of artificial lighting. By utilizing natural sunlight that is invited in by your new windows, you will be cutting down the artificial means of illuminating your home which will keep more money in your pocket rather than going to the utility company.

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