Benefits of a Stone-Coated Steel Roof

You’ve probably noticed that many Florida homes have beautiful roof systems with premium materials like clay tiles, metal, and various stone applications. Today, we’d like to discuss that latter version, a popular roofing style known as Stone-Coated Steel. This gives you the superior reinforcement of steel along with the ornate beauty of stone.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this terrific roofing option, we’d like to describe it and explain the benefits of selecting it when you’re ready to replace your roof.

What is Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Material?

Stone-coated steel consists of two layers of roofing protection.

First, you start with a 24-gauge or 26-gauge steel sheet, which normally has its own rust-resistant protective coating (acrylic primer). Then, it’s attached to a thick layer of beautiful stone material, commensurate or surpassing the appeal of most asphalt shingle brands. It’s almost like getting two roofs forged together as one tremendous shield over the top of your property.

Advantages of Having a Stone-Coated Steel Roof

  • Lifetime Longevity – Since it’s essentially a metal roofing variant, you know it’s good for a long time. Stone-coated steel roofs last a minimum of 40 years, but with a solid chance of exceeding 70. Therefore, you’ll never have to replace your roof again.
  • Durability – You already know how much damage we suffer when a major storm or hurricane hits. The beauty of installing steel is that it can withstand almost any projectile impact or wind gusts. That’s true even though it only weighs about 50 to 150 pounds per square feet of material. While it’s not a cheap installation project, you’ll receive a substantial long-term ROI from stone-coated steel.
  • Easy to Maintain – Besides all that durability, you won’t have to spend forever on maintenance. There is very little upkeep involved with stone-coated steel. If you’d rather not worry about missing/loose shingles, then this might be the roofing solution for you.
  • Premium Aesthetic Appeal – There are also almost limitless color and design options. Plus, with the stone coating, you don’t suffer all the noise when it rains (as you would from metal roofing). This is one of the best home upgrades for homeowners who’d like to increase curb appeal and home value.
  • Great for Saving Energy – Today’s roofing manufacturers have developed several roofing materials that absorb less of the sun’s rays. Whether you opt for stone-coated steel or modern asphalt shingles, all the new stuff can deflect UV rays, helping you battle the heavy heat during our scorching summers.

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