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Do you need help with roofing, siding, or windows for your home or business in Avon Park?

If so, then consider the reliable workmanship of the best roofers on Florida’s west coast: Simpson Roofing & Construction. We’re the ones to call whenever you run into the following roofing issues.

Common Roofing Problems in Avon Park

Leaky Roofs - Roof leaks can be a very dangerous issue if you don’t resolve them fast. Whenever they get out of hand, leaks can compromise the integrity of the entire roof, which is why we can recommend consulting a roofing pro (like us) for an inspection. Given the circumstances, you may need to consider either re-roofing or a full roof replacement.


Missing Shingles  - Have you had to chase down missing or loose asphalt shingles after a large thunderstorm? This happens often in Florida. While shingle systems are a durable and classy way to put a roof over your family, the materials can come loose after a while. As soon as that happens, call the Simpson team for repair work, before things get worse.

Mold Spreading Everywhere - Mold is gross, unsightly, and toxic for our respiratory systems. It’s also a typical side effect of ignoring leaky roofs. We provide the best roofing solutions, deterring the overgrowth of dangerous mold species, before they creep into the rest of your property.

Roof repair, worker with replacing gray tiles shingles on house being applied

Damaged Flashing - You should never ignore the minor roofing components, those items that are essential for holding everything together. This includes flashing, gutters, soffits, and other important parts. Homeowners who make sure the little things are in proper condition have the best chance of enjoying the full lifespan from their roof system.

Beautification - It’s amazing what you can do with modern roofing materials, such as stone-coated metal. This is arguably the best way to upgrade your home if you plan to sell somewhere down the road. Many other property owners, including business clients, enhance their roofs with dependable materials like traditional metal, TPO, flat roofs, or shingles.

A worker replace shingles on the roof of a home repairing the roof of a home

We’re the Best Roofers in Avon Park, FL

Are these some of the roofing problems you’ve had to deal with around your Avon Park property?

Then contact us for a comprehensive inspection, where we can diagnose issues, and enact permanent solutions. Whether it’s for repairs or new roof installation, we always honor manufacturer and service warranties.

Simpson Construction & Roofing restores peace of mind for homeowners and businesses in Avon Park with the best roofing, siding, and window service. Contact us anytime to learn more or schedule an appointment by calling 863-658-4869.

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